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Live Production Studios in Soho, London

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Live Studio I

Studio 1 is our premium live recording space. Inspired by the jazz & blues movements of the 1920’s-50s, this beautiful space is equipped with a Yamaha U5 Upright Piano & Gretsch Jazz Drum Kit, featuring a 16-track audio interface as well as a range of recording microphones. We also provide a video recording service with broadcast quality equipment including Canon c300, Zeiss Lenses, Dedo Lighting Rig, LEDs etc.

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Live Studio II

Studio 2 is located in the basement of the complex.  It has a more contemporary feel than Studio 1 and is used for a variety of purposes including live streaming, music videos, podcasts, film scoring, video editing & film screenings. The space is equipped with a 16-track audio interface, Yamaha P-45 electronic piano, Roland FA-06 synth/ music workstation, Gretsch Jazz Drum Kit & range of guitars & microphones.

Studio 2 is frequently used as a private screening room is used for our clients to meet & share their work. It is also home to our live streaming series- The Screening Room (Soho.Live)

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Podcast Recording

Studio 3 is a designated podcast studio in a beautiful library setting. Equipped with two Shure SM-7B microphones & channel strips this space is frequently used by influencers & brands to record podcasts & interviews. It looks great on film too and is in popular demand by artists to record live acoustic video sessions.

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Voice Over & Audio Post Production.

Studio 4 is our main vocal recording & music production space in the complex. The space is equipped with a state-of-the art vocal booth with a 4k monitor and a range of recording microphones- perfect for high-quality ADR, dubbing, voice-over recordings and ACX-certified audio book production. 

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Control Room

The control room in Studio 4 features 2x4k screens,  Adam A7X studio monitors, Yamaha P-45 electric piano, Roland FA-06 music workstation & various synths & guitars. Our Mac pro is running  Logic X Pro with a host of plugins and instruments from the likes of Waves, East West, Izotope, & Kontact. 


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Artist Services

Soho.Live Studios provides full publishing and distribution services for Artists. Their independent live agency provides artists with gigs around the world. For more information check out