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Latest Releases

The following records have been released by Soho.Live Studios on all major platforms. For more information about the artists, sync opportunities or how to get hold of physical copies please contact us.

MAID are made up of Blythe Jandoo, Miracle Chance and Kat Kleve who hail from Edinburgh, Devon and Bristol respectively. 

An experimental EP from producer Nathan Britton collaborating with many artists across the London Neo Soul scene.

Composer Lorenzo Bassignani, delivers us eight unique tracks featuring vocals from Sara Dowling, Polly Gibbons & Jess Greenfield.

A Single Track from the Soundtrack Market Vaults, depicting life in Deep Space, created by film composers Ed Abela & Nathan Britton.

The Koko Swing Collective share some of their performances from this years Soho Jazz Jam on this exclusive EP.

The Simians of Swing are out in force with this amazing album of originals inspired by comic about a post apocalyptic world.

Nathan Britton accompanies some of the Piano Bar Soho’s regular singers and a mix of chilled jazz standards.

Featuring Kitty La Roar features in a Christmas Dream a selection of standards and festive themed originals.

Piano Bar Soho regular Riketté, treats us to four covers from the swing era, in her debut EP Busy Line.

This EP is a fusion of modern soundscapes & Afro Cuban traditions, created by trumpeter by Yelfris Valdés.